Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding.

Peace involves compromise and is initiated with thoughtful listening and communication to enhance mutual understanding. Europeans are now living in a 70-year period of peace. It is longer than any other in history, in more than two thousand years.

In a world increasingly of war and barbaric violence, isn’t it high time we took a longer, harder look at how Europe gained such an enviable peace? In order of that, YO!Fest will deliver a programme of live events and activities, each bringing together the topic of PEACE.

At 10:00 you have the opportunity to reflect on your opinion of refugees and compare your thoughts to those around you during the lively discussion “Where do you stand?”

Join the workshop at 14:15 to have your say on whether or not religion up-to-date in our modern societies. Will religion be non-existent in Europe in the near future, or can attitudes towards religion only improve?

As for all the themes at YO!Fest, you also have the option to take part in any ongoing activities, which you can join at anytime.

For example you can put yourself in the shoes of a refugee and discover what decisions you might make if you lived in a conflict zone during a simulation “Towards Peace and Security – Fleeing to Europe”.

You are also invited to check out a food tasting, where you can discover the multicultural history of Limburg through games and food!

After having a taste of good food, feel free to express yourself at the “Free Expression Wall”. It is a wall for all – when they build walls to divide, we build them to unite.

Don’t forget to join the game “Do It Yourself Europe” where we are building Europe from scratch in an interactive way.

If you find any of these activities interesting, sign up for YO!Fest 2017 and discover the priority of Europe’s health and wellbeing.

See you at YO!Fest on the 7th of February!