The more the participation is, the sooner we will accomplish this project!

Participation is any activity that shapes, affects, or involves the political sphere. In this context, together with some of Europe’s biggest civil society partners, we developed a number of workshops to facilitate common creative thinking in order to come up together with policy ideas.

We focused on the six themes of the YO!Fest.

Today we’ll deliver a programme of live events and activities, each bringing together the topic of PARTICIPATION.

At 10:00 you can join the discussion on how democratic was the Brexit? The Brexit referendum shocked many, but how democratic was it? Were people misled?

Take part of a workshop at 12:15 on “Youth: a shared priority for Europe and Africa”. You’ll get a chance to contribute to the upcoming public and policy debates in the run up of the 2017 Africa-EU Summit.

Find an Open Mic Jam Session at 14:00 if you want to know more about the hopes and needs of your generation?

You also have the option to take part in any ongoing activities, which you can join at anytime.

For example there’s a hop-in activity “Millennial Characters” where we can find out the characteristics of the Millennials and take a picture!

Use artistic expressions to engage actively in political life because “Art speaks louder than words” or visit the “European Solidarity Corps” stand to learn more about volunteering in Europe.

Join the photobooth “We ARE Youth Work”. Taking a picture is cool, sending a strong message with it is much cooler!

If you find any of these activities interesting, sign up for YO!Fest 2017 workshops HERE and discover the priority of Europe’s rights.

See you at YO!Fest on the 7th of February!

Take a look at the #YouthUp website to find out more HERE!