A human being is not to be handled as a tool but is to be respected and revered.

Human rights are some of the European Union’s core values. YO!Fest will deliver a programme of live events and activities, each bringing together the topic of RIGHTS.

At 10:00 you can join the workshop on LGBTQIA Rights and experience discrimination situations with no rules.

See the debate on Law and VET in the Netherlands at 11:30. What do you think? How can one benefit from the Dutch Vocational Educational and Training system? Find out!

“Dream! Create! Inspire!” at 12:45 and see how powerful dreams inspire powerful creations.

As for all the themes at YO!Fest, you also have the option to take part in any ongoing activities, which you can join at anytime.

Take a quiz “EUniversity challenge” and learn about Europe’s history, sustainability and human rights!

Join the hop-in activity “More than education” and share your experience or opinion on civic education!

Finally – don’t forget to see the simulation “Voting Matters”. You can experience how the European Parliament and voting influences our daily lives.

If you find any of these activities interesting, sign up for YO!Fest 2017 workshops HERE and discover the priority of Europe’s rights.

See you at YO!Fest on the 7th of February!