1 Jun 2018 | 4 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. | Working out for a stronger Europe / Workshop

Are you old enough to vote at 16?

The reality that young Europeans now live in has triggered the debate around lowering the voting age to the age of 16. Countries like Austria and Estonia are leading the way recognising the right to vote at 16 as a key element of participation in democratic processes. Citizens aged 16 and 17 are deemed mature enough by several countries across Europe to pay taxes and marry, join the army, and face criminal charges, but not to choose the government that is going to represent them. Can democracy evolve with the gradual extension of voting rights to an ever-widening circle of people? How can we promote the Votes@16 campaign? Join this discussion to share good and bad practices in different member states and initiate a discussion around this burning issue.