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Register to EYE2018

Yo!Fest @ the EYE2018 is completely free. Participants will need to cover their own costs for transport, accommodation and meals. You can now register for your activities online.

Timing of activities

Friday, 1 June - activities (including the opening ceremony) start at 10am and finish at midnight 
Saturday 2 June - activities start at 9 am and the festival closes at 8pm
The Full Programme is now online. Book your activities here!

EYE2018 Helpline - For all your practical and logistical questions
Call the EYE team: +32 (0)2 28 42 510 (standard (international) rate applies) or on WhatsApp +33 6 18 24 75 41 


The city offers a variety of accommodation options both close to the European Parliament and to the city centre. The Strasbourg Tourist Office lists several hotels on their website. For those who prefer cheaper options, hostels are also available. If you want to discover Strasbourg through the eyes of its locals, make sure to check out couch surfing and airbnb.

We advise you book your accommodation early to avoid any disappointment.

Getting to Strasbourg

At Yo!Fest we promote green travel in Europe. If you are travelling to Yo!Fest we encourage you to use the most sustainable mode of transport. If you are unable to do so we encourage you to consider carbon-offsetting your trip. The European Parliament is located 30 minutes from the city centre and the main train station by public transport, and 30 minutes away from the airport by car. A link to the Strasbourg public transport website is available below, including info about buses and trams.

Further information Strasbourg Transport

  • By Air

  • By Train

  • By bus

  • By road - GoCarShare

By Air

In addition to the city airport situated 10 km from the city centre (20-25 minutes by bus shuttle), Strasbourg can easily be reached from other international airports such as Karlsruhe- Baden or Basel-Mulhouse, located in proximity. The city can also be reached by train or highways. Airports located in the proximity of the city, provide low-cost airline flights and offer the opportunity for cheaper travelling choices. For example, Ryanair operates from Karlsruhe-Baden Airport, situated approximately 40km from Strasbourg; while Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg Airport offers Easyjet flights.

By Train

Strasbourg has the second largest railway station in France offering a wide range of train connections with other parts of the country, as well as with Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands and other European countries. Another option is to get a train to Kehl or Offenburg in Germany both located near Strasbourg. 

By bus

Strasbourg can be reached by bus from several European destinations with companies such as Eurolines, Flixbus and GoEuro.

By road - GoCarShare

We've teamed up with GoCarShare to provide one central place where everyone traveling by car can arrange to carshare. We encourage those of you who prefer to come by car, to do it as a group. 

Travelling towards the festival should be a journey full of anticipation and excitement at the good times ahead.

And, thinking about the guilt-free entertainment you’ll be having over the weekend, it should be a journey that has as little impact possible on the environment. Believe it or not, it is possible to do...

Just a little effort from you could make all the difference in getting to site easily, cheaply and in a way that considers the possible effects of our gathering together. So if you have to drive log your journey with our pals at GoCarShare and offer up your spare seats for likeminded travellers who may need a lift.

Download the App now!

Strasbourg can be reached from various directions:

From the west (Paris, Benelux) taking the A4 highway (E25). About 4 hours from Paris;

From the south (Switzerland, Lyon), taking the A35 highway (E25). About 5 hours from Lyon;

From the north and east (Germany), taking the A5 highway (E35).


Things to Do

When you're not busy taking part in our exciting programme, Strasbourg is a great city to enjoy and explore. Described as the perfect overture to all that is idiosyncratic about Alsace – a city that feels both French and German and both reflects it's medieval past and a progressive future, it pulls off its act in inimitable Alsatian style. You can find out more about Strasbourg and what all that is going on by visiting the Strasbourg Tourism board website.

  • Accessibility

    We want to make Yo!Fest accessible for all young people and we're making adjustments to our venues and our progamme to allow all to participate. If you'd like to find out more, click here or get in contact with the Yo!Fest team who will be able to help with any questions you may have.


Yo!Fest is uniquely located on the grounds surrounding the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The majority of the site is asphalt or concrete making the site very accessible. However, there are some grass-covered areas which may pose problems to some participants particularly in bad weather conditions.

We cannot offer any internal transport due to the limitations of moving around the site. Seating is also available throughout the site for all participants.

It is our commitment to make Yo!Fest accessible to everyone. We are happy to accommodate participants who would need to be accompanied by a personal assistant.

Lighting Effects

We would like to advise all participants that flicker, laser, strobe and other lighting effects may be in use at the festival site.


We recognise that some participants may benefit from a space to step away from the crowds and noise. We do our best to provide this but as we operate on such a small site it can be difficult, especially in a festival environment. Readmittance is permitted to those who leave the site for this reason.

The concert will have a large PA system playing amplified sound through the evening. The whole site will remain open throughout the evening should participants prefer to enjoy the concert from a distance.

Accessibility for Deaf Participants

There will be a fixed amount of interpreters onsite to support members of the deaf community. We encourage those who require additional assistance to attend the event with a person who is able to assist.

The majority of activities will use amplified sound and an induction loop will be available in most venues.

For more information please email