By Plane

Maastricht-Aachen airport

Maastricht has its own airport: Maastricht-Aachen Airport. In addition, there are several (inter)national airports within an hour’s drive from the centre of Maastricht. This ensures that Maastricht & region is easily accessible from all over the world.


Other airports

Here is an overview of the other airports close to Maastricht:

  • Liege Airport (http://www.liegeairport.com/home)
  • Eindhoven Airport (https://www.eindhovenairport.nl/en)
  • Dusseldorf Regional Weeze (http://www.airport-weeze.de/en)
  • Dusseldorf International Airport (https://www.dus.com/en)
  • Cologne-Bonn Airport (http://www.koeln-bonn-airport.de)
  • Brussels Airport (http://www.brusselsairport.be/fr/)
  • Antwerp Airport (http://www.antwerp-airport.be/contentpage_en.php)
  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (https://www.schiphol.nl/en/)

By Train

There is a direct train from Amsterdam Central to Maastricht every thirty minutes. This fast and comfortable mode of transportation brings you to Maastricht in less than two and half hours. Maastricht is also easily accessible by international train by Thalys and/or Eurostar from Brussels, Paris or London via Liège station. You can also reach Maastricht by train from Germany through stations like Venlo and Heerlen.

Tip: If you are coming from Germany the best option would be to reach Aachen and then take Bus 50 from Aachen Central Station to Maastricht. It runs every 15 minutes and it costs 6 euros.

For additional train information, please have a look at the following websites: ​





www.eurostar.com ​

By Car

With your own car

Maastricht is easily accessible through various highways: E25/A2 (Amsterdam-Luxembourg), E40 (Cologne-Brussels), E42 (Liège-Paris), E314 (Maastricht-Aachen).

Tip: If you are travelling by car try to use the park and ride options which are situated just outside the city. Parking within Maastricht is quite expensive. There are also currently road works going on so in order to stay updated you can check: https://www.maastrichtbereikbaar.nl/en/homepage

Sustainability Tip: Want to lower and share the cost of travelling and have some nice company. Consider using Blablacar (https://www.blablacar.com).

Carpooling-sustainable options

There are many carpooling options to cities around Maastricht such as Liege, Cologne and Aachen. Visit websites such as https://www.blablacar.com to share the cost, have an eco-friendly ride and some nice company. Who knows, you might even consider to travel with your colleagues from other organisations.

Overall Tip: Don’t always try to look for Maastricht as your final destination when planning a trip by any of the above. Try using the other cities that are close to Maastricht, they all have easy and cheap access to Maastricht. Don’t forget if you are travelling from Belgium and are under 26 to use your GO-PASS 1 privilege.

By Bus

From Germany you should look into taking the Bus 50 from Aachen Central Station to Maastricht.

At the Maastricht Train Station FlixBus (https://www.flixbus.de) , Eurolines (http://www.eurolines.be) also stops so make sure you consult their website.
Tip: Even if you cannot enter Maastricht as a final destination try to enter Liege, Brussels, Cologne or other cities situated closer to Maastricht. FlixBus operates a direct bus to Paris.



During the event, you will be able to buy food from food trucks. They will be located in the Sphinx bassin, alongside Lumiere and near the river. This is where you will be able to get some snacks and refreshments.


The European Youth Forum seeks to have a sustainable event to make sure to have a sustainable event. But we are also counting on our participants to have a “green” attitude before and during the event. Want to find out how you can contribute to make our world healthier and greener? Here are a few tips

Before the event

  • Some companies like Flixbus ask you if you want to pay 1 extra euro to compensate for the CO2 emission. Consider this as a possibility. More information here: https://www.flixbus.com/company/sustainability?_ga=1.203578643.269780930.1482331755
  • Need to print documents? Think twice! Electronic documents can be enough and easily accessible. Make sure that the company you are travelling with is accepting electronic documents.
  • When your registration to the YO!Fest is complete you will receive your YO!Ticket which your entrance ticket to the festival. The ticket includes a QR code, you can save it on your phone and spare some printing.
  • Driving by yourself? There are probably a lot of people looking for someone else to share the ride with! A nice way to reduce the costs for everyone and have a nice and fun ride!
  • Do you have some old clothes that you are not wearing anymore? What about giving them a second life and getting in return some other clothes? Pack the clothes that are left at the very end of your drawer and swop them during the activity Clothing Swap Shop and Go organised by the WE-festival.

During the event

  • There will be different trash bins during the event. Make sure that you throw your garbage in the appropriate bin and contribute to the good recycling of products.
  • Not so familiar with the concept of sustainability and eco-friendly behavior? It is time to make a change and to learn about the importance of adopting a responsible and green behavior. Take part in the activities happening in the sustainability zone to find out more!
  • Thirsty? Best is to bring or buy a refillable bottle with you. It’s the most sustainable way of drinking water!


Organising a large-scale event for thousands of young people requires security measures and a responsible and respectful behavior. Besides respecting the code of conduct, here are some extra measures to take into account during the event:

  • Make sure you have your ID card/Passport with you
  • Remember the single digital european number in case of emergency: 112
  • The Information Belvedere will not only serve as an information point but also as a first-aid centre, should you have any injury or disease please redirect there accompanied
  • There will be two types of bracelets for participants above and under 18, this will be used to make sure alcoholic drinks are not sold to participants under 18.


The European Youth Forum promotes a culture based on respect, dignity and equality to ensure inclusive environment and democratic participation.

The European Youth Forum represents 100 member organisations and tens of millions of young people from all over Europe. The young people involved in Youth Forum activities come from different countries, cultures and backgrounds. To protect and promote this unique environment and respect cultural diversity and different opinions, the Youth Forum’s member organisations have agreed to have a Code of Conduct.

Read the Code of Conduct of the European Youth Forum.