Yo!Fest: Assistance for Underrepresented Groups

28 Feb 2018 | by Yo!Fest

It is our aim to make Yo!Fest as diverse and inclusive as possible. But we also realise that not all young people have the same opportunities to travel and participate. We want to change this! 

For this edition we want a diverse group of young people to lead the charge for political change by recognising the special contributions made by underrepresented groups standing out for their activism and fighting for social justice.

Application Deadline: 15/03/2018 (CET)

Selection Criteria

o Group must be between 10-20 people (including group leader)

o All group participants must be citizens of an EU or EU candidate country to receive payment from European Parliament.

o If you are from a country other than those mentioned you would only be entitled to reimbursement by the European Youth Forum YFJ.

o Must be between the ages 16 and 30

o Must be attending Yo!Fest @ the EYE2018 for the first time

o Must present a statement of financial needs in the form of a short letter, usually about two or three paragraphs, that explains why you would benefit from being awarded financial support to participate to Yo!Fest @ the EYE2018.

o Must be representative of young people from a group that faces barriers engaging in political participation

o Must demonstrate a commitment and previous political engagement in sharing and spreading the views of other young people or the community they represent 

o Must demonstrate a commitment to report back to other young people or the community they represent

o The application must be submitted by a registered organisation or charity

Additional Info

o Guaranteed assistance for up to 10 participants. There is the possibility to increase this to 20 participants, please indicate on your application if you would like to request this.

o Registration with Visits and Seminars Unit of the European Parliament (VISSEM) who will cover 4.5¢ per kilometer + €100 per participant for accommodation. (Only for groups of 10+ coming from an EU or Candidate Country)

o An additional payment of 10¢ per kilometer per participant (up to a limit of €5,000 per group)


To apply to this call click below:

Please note that in order to apply you need to login the European Youth Forum database.

For more information do not hesitate to contact josh.cope@youthforum.org